Responses from seminar participants 2015


10.+11.10.2015 In-Depth Seminar „ Spiritual Journey“, Aachen



"For me, too, the seminar was a wonderful enrichment, and I can even claim that it made me take a giant step forward. I now have visited your seminars several times, but the energy that was around us all this time was quite extraordinary and somehow tremendous. Also, the great harmony between all participants was somehow gigantic. It seems to me that the high beings of light brought the participants together in a very special way. Could it also be that with each of your seminars the energy becomes higher and higher? That is what it felt like for me, at least."


"I would like to thank you once again for this wonderful seminar - which was very extraordinary! I have already attended some of your seminars and each one was interesting and exciting in its own way. But this seminar was heartwarmingly different, very energetic, open-hearted and very humorous. For my part, I felt very comfortable in this round and got to know very dear and interesting people who not only enriched my life, but also did me good in a very special way. I'll definitely be back at the next seminar and maybe I'll meet some of you again."


"It was absolutely wonderful with you! I have never experienced such lightful meditations. I don't want to get out of this beautiful energy. The room was ideal for me and us! In the middle of the treetops, that was something very special! The group was great! And you two have given us so much! THANKS! You are a send from heaven!!!!"


I have felt very comfortable in the group. It was a real pleasure to meet you as well as your wife. I have gotten so much clarity through the journeys you have taken us through and I have got a new perspective on the world and the people. With glowing eyes I told my wife about the great days. I am very grateful to have been in Aachen. Your being and your work is so very important! I am very curious how the time in Aachen will continue. I have already told some friends or acquaintances, who are also on new paths, about the weekend ... Now they really want to know more!"


I would like to thank you both once again from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful seminar. I still can´t find the words and I will certainly need a little more time to process all this. Your kindness and warmth is a gift from heaven for all of us, as are the participants of this seminar. I've never felt such wonderful and strong energy. I am still carried by this wonderful energy."


"It was such a nice seminar. If you arrange the follow-up seminar, please let me know the date, I'll be back."


"Let me say "Thank you" in any form to you and your dear Inge. Your seminar was already such an infinitely light-filled gift for me and my soul that I am still very touched by the many initiations, the very interesting information and the numerous spiritual journeys. It has given me so much and I'm already looking forward to part 2, it was a wonderful homogeneous group in harmony with the heart. It was also wonderful to exchange ideas with others. What touched me very much was that everyone contributed to this seminar with their heart or experience."


"The seminar was beautiful, full of light and love. The journeys were very helpful for me. THANK YOU. I was really looking forward to our reunion yesterday. As I drove home this morning I still felt the beautiful energies from the seminar. Thank you for a beautiful, bright day."


"Once again "Thank you" for the above mentioned seminar. I took a lot with me. Now I am awaiting for what will happen to me and I will practice daily. Please make a note of me for the second part. Thank you."




2.5.2015 One-Day Seminar Spiritual Journeys “Aachen



"Thank you for the wonderful seminar. I can honestly say that I had certain ideas about how the seminar in Aachen could work out, but it was far more than surpassed. Thank you for the wonderful energy from the Seminar which I was able to recharge my batteries with. It was just the right time for me. I am very surprised and pleased about the calm inside me! "Even my husband said I would radiate such peace and he is also thankful!"


"Thank you again for your seminar yesterday in Aachen. I have literally taken part with a lot of energy and I was able to see, feel and sense how deep and inward your Spiritual Journeys can go".

"I would like to thank you once again for your wonderful seminar, both of you were a perfect unity. I also found the group to be particularly harmonious this time. Your seminars are on one hand so wonderfully familiar and on the other hand so new again, so that I am already looking forward to the next one. Thank you again for choosing one or another seminar -you have so much to give!"




30.5.2015 One-Day Seminar Spiritual Journeys “Hildesheim



"We would like to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful reunion and the seminar! We enjoyed so much to be able to take part in the Spiritual Journeys and to be so close to our light beings again.... Next year we will, so it should be, take part for a whole weekend! That is taking a joyful look into the future."


"I would like to thank you and the spiritual world for last Saturday's wonderful one-day seminar."


"It was the first time for me to participate in such a spiritual experience and I am pleasantly surprised, it has given me a lot. Your unspeakably great knowledge and the feeling of the Spiritual Journeys into the heavens and into the center of our earth were great. I have already tried to retrace some of it this morning. It was simply wonderful and gave me a lot of input. The great love could be felt and still accompanies me today. I would like to say thank you very much for this eventful day. It was really magnificent. "I can't really put it into words, it was a little like a rapture of which I'm slowly beginning to wake up from."

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