Responses from seminar participants 2014


12.4.2014 One-Day Seminar “Spiritual Journey “, Aachen



"Thank you very much for the wonderful seminar. It was so important for me to participate and to become more active in relation to the spiritual journeys. So, I took your book and looked at the exercise part of it. Yesterday, on a journey, I saw my inner child laughing and full of happiness, my solar plexus feels free and at ease. I was deeply touched by the journey to the Indians and Mother Earth. So much has happened. It was such a great pleasure to meet you and Inge in person and I look forward seeing you again."

“Dear Uwe, again, thank you for everything. What a wonderful seminar it was again with you, dear Inge, dear Uwe. So powerful and luminous, so touching and loving. Oh, I simply lack words to be able to only describe approximately what I was allowed to experience and feel in me through your love and devotion. Stay well-guarded by the high light beings."


"I too would like to thank you. First thank you, dearest Uwe, for the wonderful high-energy Spiritual Journeys. You, dear Inge, for the lovingly guided theoretical part, which has to be put into practice. And thanks to all participants for the wonderful exchange, their energies and also for the patient coexistence and experience. I felt safe and carried and I still do. With my heart wide open, I say THANK YOU!!!"


"You had prepared the explanations very well and carefully. You did a lot of work in advance with m.E. super "success" or result. Inge has explained the complex topics well and clearly, which certainly isn´t easy. You two complement each other very well and you harmonize in your work, which I admire very much! I am still "very warm in my heart" from the Spiritual Journeys; the energies I experienced felt very strong for me."


“I thank you again very much for this loving super successful seminar, for all your work and your energy and strength that you have put in for all of us!"!


"I would like to thank you and your wife Inge very much for the great seminar! Whereby "great" is an absolute understatement! All factors were coherent, starting with the seminar location*wonderful*, the food*simply delicious*, the seminar content*interesting and informative*! And about the journeys you have taken us through, I can only say, "absolutely gigantic!"


“What really touched me from the bottom of my heart was that I was fortunate enough to stand and talk to one of the greatest souls on the planet for a moment during the first break! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart!"

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