Responses from seminar participants 2012

17.11.2012 One-Day Seminar „ Spiritual Journey”, Bad Dietzenbach



"It was a very nice seminar. Your work and the work of the highest light beings is very enriching and pleasant."


"We have taken much with us. Thank you very much again. We will love to come back"


“Dear Mr.Frantzen, dear Mrs.Frantzen, thank you very much for the great seminar in Bad Ditzenbach, we liked it very much. All the good energy, the information, the journeys, all highly interesting. In the end I was some kind fuddled (in a positive sense) and it still works and buzzes in my head. I'm curious to see how it develops. Keep up the good work!"


"For this very beautiful day in Auendorf I would like to thank you very much."


“Dear Mr.Frantzen, dear Mrs.Frantzen I would like to thank you again for the seminar this weekend in Bad Ditzenbach. The experiences were diverse, and the work of the light beings could be felt again and again. What a wonderful energy."


“Dear Mr.Frantzen, thank you again for a wonderful day! I enjoyed the whole day a lot, your loving approach is a wonderful gift for all the people who were present on this day. Please remain open, sincere and "stress-free" for your environment. That alone is a blessing in this day and age. Your wife passed on extensive interesting background information at the seminar. Overall, I think the seminar was very successful. It is a balanced mixture of densely packed, well-founded and well-tuned knowledge in a balanced relationship to the profound, beneficial, practical mental healing journeys. I have received a lot and taken with me from this day, my body system is still working intensively."



03-11.2012 One-Day Seminar „Spiritual Journey“, Aachen




"I am still inspired by these wonderful experiences in the seminar! I can't tell you how infinitely grateful I am to be allowed to experience this. The seminar was simply incredible. You could feel the special energy as soon as you entered the room. This wonderful mindfulness and love that you radiate is a great gift for everyone who is allowed to experience it. My husband was and is very surprised and he was able to accept it and enjoy it. I wouldn´t have been able to explain it to him, only through my own experience! I wish you and your dear wife a good time, it is so wonderful that you are a part in our lives, and I know we will meet again, be embraced with much love and all love for you both."


"This wonderful energy and your personal loving nature, a very special experience. Thank you!"


"I liked everything very much, so very heartfelt and attentive!"


"Wonderful spiritual journeys with physical effects, healing happens. Thank you very much!"


“Dear Uwe, dear Inge, thank you from all of us a for the loving, multidimensional guidance yesterday in Aachen, which allowed clarification and healing to take place. It was a very strong and powerful energy, we look forward to next time."



20.10.2012 One-Day Seminar „Spiritual Journey, Rothenberg o.d. Tauber



"Hello dear Inge, dear Uwe, it was indescribable, I just can´t find the words, from the beginning, when I entered the room, pure LOVE was felt, the whole day, soooooo wonderful. From the depths of my heart I want to send THANK YOU to you and the Light Beings - THANK YOU for everything. THANKS also to all participants, such high vibration THANK YOU. Privately I would also like to thank you, you are so authentic "I have never met such a person. My heart still sings, my love for what you do. The love for Christ and the beings of light is so great that, as I said, words cannot describe it. "I've been enthused the whole time because I could feel pure love."


"Thanks for the seminar this weekend, it was great. Now I'm waiting for an Intense Seminar with you."


“Dear Uwe, thank the light beings, you and your dear wife for the heavenly seminar on Saturday. It was so nice to see you again. I like my job, but when I think about the Spiritual Journeys, I don't want to go back. Simply timeless, without stress in these heavenly dimensions, it is always indescribable. I think there's nothing more fulfilling and I'm just proud and grateful to for this experience."


“Dear Mr.Frantzen, dear Mrs.Frantzen Thank you again for the beautiful seminar that I was able to experience with you. I liked it very much and a lot of things happened with me. Thank you very much. I wish you furthermore success and all the best."


"I loved it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you've passed on to us."


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very high spiritual level, the warmth and enough time for everyone and the loving presence for all of us. Wonderful seminar! Everything was fine, thank you very much for your wonderful work."


"It was a wonderful day, many thanks to everyone involved."


„Thank you for this very special day.”



4.3.2012 Responses from seminar participants, Egestdorf (Raum Hamburg)




"I would like to thank you once again, this time in writing, for this wonderful seminar."


"The journeys were gigantic, at an unprecedented depth and yet so "easy" to implement."


"I was able to perceive the images in the journeys clearly and in a transforming way. "Even now my experience resonates and sometimes it still works for me"


"After the last journey I was very happy, rather blissful :-), restful, full of strength and cantered. Just gigantic. Thank you very much!"


"Thank you very much for both of your wonderful seminars. I am always touched by the love, energy and quality of your seminars.

A thank-you also for the gift- seminar on Sat. 3.3 - it made me VERY happy."


"This morning as I climbed the stairs, I was very happy feeling that my knee is no longer in pain."


"Thank you again for a great day. It was very beautiful and could feel the energy very well. It was even more intense for me than at the previous meetings. Even though I still can't see anything, I still feel that a lot is changing in my life and in my perception. Even after Sunday, I still have problems integrating into my accustomed life and work."


"Thank you for the wonderful day at the seminar, which allowed me to look inside in wonderful dimensions. Everything very powerful, sensitive and for me now also able seeing something more, not just colours, simply gigantically beautiful. Yes, it was nice again to experience these beautiful spiritual journeys in an almost familiar atmosphere. The day passed like in no time and as quickly I was arrived back home. At 10:15 pm I was in bed, exhausted ,reading a few more pages in your beautiful book and then fell fast asleep. Some things were still going on in my dreams, but no memory in the morning."


"Thank you again for this wonderful seminar. It was sooo full of wonderful events. I am full of thanks, which I also want to pass on to God, Christ and all beings of light. I’ve already listened to the recordings. They are in a good quality. I look forward to seeing you again for the next seminar. I embrace you out of the love of my heart."



03.03.2012 One-Day Seminar „Spiritual Journey”, Hildesheim



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for yesterday's wonderful - full of wonder - seminar."


"That was nice, the Spiritual Journeys on Saturday. Things have changed since Saturday. I can't even name it yet. Today my mother said: "You take care of me so lovingly and she overwhelmed me with compliments. I noticed a difference from before - a completely different energy."


"I am so grateful that I was able to attend the seminar. Tears came out of my eyes on my first journey because this energy is so overwhelming. Thank you very much for that."


"The seminar was a real enrichment. I have learned a lot, experienced a lot and I mean a lot to let go. Thank you!"


"Even today I still feel the energy "from the centre of my heart" and it feels like it nothing could happen to me. Thank you!"


"I have "understood" a lot, but with the heart and not with the mind. Finally, my mind had a break. Thank you!"


“I hope that you will soon offer another training seminar. I have the feeling that I can also do such journeys, with the appropriate instructions, of course."


"Last weekend I was at your seminar in Hildesheim. It has been a long time since I experienced such a light -and powerful seminar. I would like to thank you and your wife together with Benito from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to meeting you again at a seminar and wish you all the best for the time being."


"Thank you again for a great day. It was very beautiful, and I was able to feel the energy very well. "It was even more intense for me than the previous meetings."


"...I'm still really excited about your seminar"



28.01.2012 Transformation and Healing Day, Aachen



"Again, thank you very much for this wonderful seminar"


"THANKS once again from the bottom of my heart for the seminar yesterday. I felt so comfortable , like feeling home."


"The seminar was great! I've never felt so much energy before! Many thanks for that! I hope to see you again soon! Greetings also from my wife, who was as enthusiastic as I was!"


"It was overwhelming again!"


"Thank you for a very intense day of transformation."


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