Responses from seminar participants 2013


22.6.2013 In-Depth Seminar „Spiritual Journey “. Anger



"Well, I hovered home well. This day was the most beautiful, wonderful and impressive experience I have ever experienced. I was allowed to take so much with me. I had to consciously breathe deeply so often because of that love and light energy in the room which was at the limit of endurance. I am so full of gratitude for you dear Uwe, for what you were able to give us again, which we may reintegrate into our life task, place these wonderful crystals into the halves of our brain, immerse into this gigantic, wonderful energy- light -crystal- love heart. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart, thanks also to Inge for this unforgettable beautiful day."


"Saturday's spiritual journeys had a lasting effect - in a wonderfully unspectacular way - deep inside me."


"Thank you again for this special day in Anger. I felt these high energies very much and was also attacked again and again during the journeys by strong tiredness. But I also felt warmth, even heat, filling my body. Also, during Sunday and Monday I nearly solely slept. Looks like plenty of things got cleaned up. I thank you again very much for your love which is allowed to work through you."


"Thank you so much for a lovely day in Anger. During our Spiritual Journey of healing I had a very beautiful experience. I felt a love as pure and intense as I have never felt before. That was so beautiful, I cried in happiness."


"I wanted to thank you once again for this interesting and surprisingly rich in substance seminar! "You really are a great team and you combine theory and practice in a wonderful way!"


"First of all, I would like to thank you, with all my heart, for yesterday's experience. It was fantastic! It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife yesterday. The seminar did do me very good. Whenever I meet people who are on their path in life, it is easier for me to connect with myself. It just does me good, it heals myself and I am completely connected to my authentic being. Your Spiritual Journeys and your wife's contributions were great. Thank you."


"Saturday was a wonderful experience for me, so much love just feels good."



20- 21.4.2013 In-Depth Seminar „Spiritual Journeys “, Hildesheim



"Dear Uwe! Thank you very much for this wonderful and successful seminar with Inge and you! We felt very comfortable with you and within the group. "And I'm so glad my girlfriend got the opportunity for a treatment, also thanks to the light beings!"

"We are already looking forward to further seminars and are curious where and when it will take place..."


"Hello Uwe and Inge, I really enjoyed the seminar and I'm sure I'll be there again."


"I want to thank you again for this bright seminar."

"I felt comfortable, happy and relaxed. Your spiritual light full journeys are so wonderful, so full of love and a deep wisdom. I don't know where I could feel more comfortable than in your seminars. It feels like returning home to a world of light and love."

"I also experienced love and warmth during the conversations with the participants these two days. It was so good - and it was a special time for me, a break that helped me to proceed."

"In my heart I am still in the seminar. It always takes a few days, and I don't really want to be here. My heart is still in the seminar, the Spiritual Journeys, and it was so beautiful. You are shining a light, it's truly gigantic. For me too, it was a wonderful weekend again and I gained a lot. Thank you, dear Uwe. It is such a great joy and gratitude that so many people may experience healing through you and the highest light beings and the angels."


"Thank you for the beautiful seminar, for your warmth, sincerity, honesty and naturalness....... "For now, firstly I look forward to your CDs and secondly to the seminar part II - will certainly be in autumn, right?"



16.03.-17.03.2013 In-Depth Seminar „Spiritual Journey “, Rothenberg



I feel lighter, I sense more love, just a great feeling. I felt wonderful in your presence and in the presence of the light beings. "There was an indescribably beautiful vibration in the seminar room."

"Thank you very much for the wonderful days, thanks to the both of you and thank you to all angels and light beings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"Another warm hello to you dear ones, first of all I would like to thank you once again for the great seminar, the loving company and... and…and…."


23.02. – 24.02.2013 In-Depth Seminar „Spiritual Journey “, Aachen



Dear Mrs.Frantzen, dear Mr.Frantzen. Thank you for the seminar, it touched me deeply.”


Dear Mr.Frantzen, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful and intensive seminar last weekend. It still lingers on within me with all positive and informative emotions.”


"This weekend still has a lasting effect on me. Letting go is the message! Thank you very much for your loving manner, for the generous sharing, for your openness and your understanding. "It would be nice if we could meet again in fall."


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the wonderful and moving seminar, which I cannot describe in words to someone who hasn´t taken part. It was a profound experience. In the last few days I have noticed that when I think only of the high light beings, the energy in the room immediately changes, which then feels quite wonderful".


"Once again a big thank you for the touching seminar!"


Dear Mr.Frantzen. thank you very much for the beautiful seminar, the experiences associated with it and also thank you very much for getting to know you personally, also in association with thanks to your wife. For me alone it is a divine gift to get to know such people and to have my own experiences and feelings with them. Thank you very much again - until, next time."


"I would like to thank you and your wife from the depths of my heart for this WONDERfull Intensive WE! I feel "safe" in my heart! It feels so good. It still works a lot and miracles still happen in and with me. Pain from the past no longer hurts so much. My position and my gait have suddenly changed. I observe my behavior towards my fellow human beings in EVERY encounter. Also, regarding nutrition a lot of things change; after the purchase at the WE I noticed that I had bought completely different food than usual; I had to smile :-) I'm very curious to see what else will happen. 

Smiling and grinning I thanked the spiritual world because they challenge and support me so quickly in my development! I had not yet felt any further development in me in this form than after your weekend. I just think it's wonderful! I am very much looking forward to more miracles in and around me and after everything has been processed, to the following wonderful intensive-WE in autumn!"

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