Responses from seminar participants 2010


6.11.2010 One-Day Seminar in Kassel


"Thank you very much for the WUNDERFULL seminar yesterday in Kassel. It has done a lot to me and continues to do so."

"Thank you for this wonderful and touching seminar. The energies were, as I felt them, strong and deeply touching."

"It is a pleasure to attend your seminars. A huge praise for this bright seminar, it has set a lot into motion. The energies of light could be perceived and felt very clearly."

“Dear Uwe, dear Inge, you have given us rich gifts! Thank you for allowing us to participate in your BEING and DOING. And at the moment, we feel that we would like to do these Spiritual Journeys with you once more."

"I attended your seminar in Kassel on Saturday. It was a wonderful event: informative, sensitive, profound and yet entertaining, lively and without "spiritual density" In short: an all-round successful seminar. My sincere thanks for that! I was able to take several things "home" for myself."

22.10.2010 – 24.10.2010 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" in Parin

"I would like to thank you again very much for the last weekend. I am full of joy inside and I owe that to your work in Parin. I am very happy to have met you both and I know it is an important step for me. I thank you for what you have done there with so much heart and feeling and all your strength...We'll definitely meet again."

"The energies are really high, they're completely real and I'm obviously still integrating everything."

"That for me, was the most beautiful and moving seminar of all time. The seminar in Parin will remain unforgotten to me, it was very special, from the content, the noticeable love of the heart, the Spiritual Journeys, the visuals, the initiations with this so perceptible, deeply touching vibration. During the Spiritual Journeys your voice, while describing the pictures, got such a special sound, so soft, so delicate, I can't put it into words, just moving to tears, so deep, as delicate as fine glass - it was unique. Tears still come to me as I remember single pictures from the seminar, my heart is overflowing - touches that remain in my heart, giving away their love there to always new and deepest experiences.“

"We say thank you, thank you, thank you for what we were allowed to experience through you and with and through the Light Beings, it was gigantic. My heart has become so free and open, wonderful that you exist. It was just super awesome, beautiful. Many thanks to you and all Light Beings who have accompanied us. We are already looking forward to the next seminar."

"Today we would like to take this opportunity to thank you very, very much for the wonderful seminar in Parin. These unique experiences on all the Spiritual Journeys still sound very much within us and let us feel a yet unknown form of inner healing. It is also a fascinating feeling that meditation is now much easier and that our helpers, angels and all the beings of light, who were surely with us before, can now be felt so much closer! And gives so much strength......."

11.09.2010 One-Day Seminar, Schramberg/Schwarzwald


"I can't believe what happened here, I couldn't have imagined anything like this in my wildest dreams, and I am so full of energy and strength, it was overwhelmingly beautiful."

27.8. -29.8.2010 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" in Kirchheimbolanden close to Frankfurt


"This seminar has brought me forward so far that I can integrate the experiences and the possibilities of the Spiritual Journey well into my seminar work. It's been a lot easier since then. Thank you, it was very enriching."

"I can see since that seminar, I didn't expect anything like this. It was wonderful."

02.7. - 04.7.2010 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" in Aachen



"Thank you very much for a wonderful weekend. It was just great! I saw very intense colours and could also perceive many pictures. I often thought that I could feel the heart energy, but this weekend the experiences in your seminar showed me something different. I have attended many seminars, but I have never had such profound experiences. THANK YOU!!"


"It can't put it in words. It was a gift from God, which says it all. And the beauty of it, I get to see it. It fills me with gratitude that I was led to you."

"What can I say?! It was fantastic!!! You two have done very well, outstanding! I'd like to carry on right away, it was so beautiful. Fireworks are coming out of my hands. "Well, what happened here was something very special."


"I'm still hovering, I hope there will be a continuation."


"Thank you for such a wonderful seminar. It was nice to see how much you were guided by the light beings, your spiritual guidance, truly one to one, so authentic within your heart vibration, as I have never experienced it at a seminar before. Thank you, thank you very much."

19.06.2010 One –Day Seminar, Großhartpenning, Munich


"Let me tell you, if this kind of seminar was to be filmed, it would be a sensation. Everything is in absolute coherence and intensity, and I predict with all the knowledge I have collected over many years in the field of seminars and media: You and your wife are about to fill rooms. If one would make a DVD recording of this seminar, nothing would have to be cut. It was a profound experience."

05.06.2010 One-Day Seminar Neuhof upon Zenn


"It goes so deep into the heart; this deep love of the heart is hard to bear. Thanks for letting me experience that. These light-filled energies are incomparable."

15.05.2010 One Day Seminar in Erzhausen, Frankfurt


"Thank you so much for this wonderful seminar. I have experienced so much healing energy and clarity, it is indescribable. Many pictures in the Spiritual Journey I was already able to see within me before you talked about it. I definitely want to do the training, at the moment I can't imagine anything better than to go this way of working and learning together with you and the high light beings"

17.04.2010 One-Day Seminar, Münster


"For me, it was the most intensive seminar in a long time. An absolute accordance of theory and the Spiritual Journeys, which allows to convey absolute love of the heart. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for being able to participate."

"It was a profound experience for us to be able to perceive and feel these energies so clearly."

13.02.2010 One-Day Seminar


"It is such intense energy and it can be felt that this love goes deep into the heart."

"A very moving seminar that stirs to tears."

27.01.2010 One-Day Seminar, Aachen


"This seminar is already showing an enormous development, and the harmony between you and your wife at this seminar can be felt very clearly.“

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