Responses from seminar participants 2011


11.11.-13.11.2011 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" Part 2 in Neuhof a. d. Zenn



"Thank you again for the wonderful seminar."


"It was a very nice seminar, for which again, I thank you very much."


"Thank you very much, dear Uwe and dear Inge, it was a wonderful seminar just at the right time for me to be centred again”


"Greetings and thanks for your energy at the weekend, it was a very intense gathering with you and everyone else; it was not always easy for me, as you know, but I do not want to miss the days, because I have experienced, felt and sensed a lot again and now the task for me is to integration integrate it"




04.11.-06.11.2011 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" Part 2 in Egestorf



"Healing is so complex and the experiences I had in Egestorf touch me and give me the strength to open new doors. Thank you for your wonderful way, your liveliness, this deep understanding, for every single person in the group, which is very touching and makes up this so valuable"


"I feel so satisfied, so filled with joy - it was another deeply touching seminar, full of love, full of wonderful experiences, filled with laughter, ease, learning content for all of us and for myself"


"Concentration on the essentials! Love, thank you, thank you!"


"Regarding the wonderful seminar: with some melancholy that it ended so quickly (for me), I still sense and feel it. The seminar was full to the brim with wonderful information, journeys, energies and much more, for which I simply don't have the words. You two, you and Inge, have such a great way of welcoming us participants on eye level. Both of you are very good at communicating and explaining and complementing each other wonderful as a team. As a participant, I love attending your seminars and I look forward to the next one here in the north. The group, also with the "newcomers", was very harmonious and likeable. All in all, it was simply wonderful. Again, a big thanks to you!"


"You didn't promise too much! The energy of the seminar is still present! The spiral inside ourselves lets us both feel the connection with the Divine and the Earth swiftly. This is now a part us and every day we work with this power. So, thank you again for this beautiful, deeply touching seminar!"


“You and Inge again a big Thank you for a wonderful weekend in Egestorf. "I've been richly endowed."





28.10.-30.10.2011 Training - / In-Depths-Seminar „Spiritual Journey” Part 1 in Erkrath



"I felt some of the energies very clearly and can only confirm, that through your loving work really extremely high energies flow and change something within us. All in all, it really did me good, especially day 2, but even yesterday I had many positive and surprising experiences, for which I am very grateful to you."


"I am full of thanks and admiration for the energies in which you move."


"I would like to thank you for the wonderful seminar. I've felt very well taken care of ever since. Love and greetings with all my heart."




16.-18.9.2011 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" Part 2 in Schramberg-Sulgen



"A week has now passed since the seminar has taken place, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! It was above all an instructive and impressive weekend for me, and I know that it has done me a lot of good. I also hope to meet all participants in spring in a healthy, lively and balanced way. Thank you very much!"


"I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful seminar. This afternoon I have been reading through my notes from the seminar again. It was just beautiful!"




"I would like to thank you once again for everything. How beautiful the days were, how beautiful the lovely journeys and pictures, the exchange of experiences - simply everything"


"It actually took me until Monday to get back into everyday life and I'm already looking forward to my next journey. And I'm will take part of next year's meeting - I'm looking forward to it today. Again, and again I think of our last journey, how beautiful it felt to be completely out of the body and to feel the divine love. The seminar could have gone on for days!"


"I thank you for everything you have done for me. How much my life has changed for the better, how beautiful life has become. Thank you so much for that!"


"The days in Schramberg were very positive for several reasons. The group was optimal in size, all participants had good intentions. All participants had developed in different ways in comparison to spring time. The discussions were an important and profitable part and the spiritual journeys were very good, especially the long journey to Nirvana. I wish you all the best and thank you for the great days in Schramberg."




15.-17.7.2011 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" Part 1 in Neuhof a. d. Zenn



"The seminar in Neuhof a. d. Zenn was very touching for me. There was so much love and energy to feel. Your guided spiritual journeys with Christ and the High Light Beings were an unforgettable experience for me. I could experience loving healing and was initiated into various energies from the highest source. We were all surrounded by an ease that I would have liked to have held on to forever. The exchange with the other seminar participants was also an enrichment for my life. If only all people could feel this love of the heart and carry it out into the world. I'm already looking forward to the next seminar."


"Thank you again for an impressive weekend. The seminar and of course the guided journeys have a unique character. I'm a little short on words."


"For the weekend I would like to thank you and all Light Beings very much, and I can still feel the vibration within me today when I close my eyes. Now it is a matter of staying in love through meditation and awareness. We were/have been a great group and I would also like to thank the High Light Beings for putting this group together in exactly the way they did. Now everything must be integrated into everyday life. Thank you very much and in hope for a seminar part 2 in a similarly good constellation, I send my warmest greetings."


"Thank you for the wonderful, smooth seminar this weekend."



"I am still very touched by the many wonderful messages that you have conveyed to us. Once again, I would like to express my sincere thanks. I can't point out anything, but I know there's a lot going on inside me, and my surroundings feel a strong energy emanating from me since the seminar"


"Dear Inge, dear Uwe, thank you again for the wonderful seminar, I can still feel the energies very well and integrate them harmoniously into everyday life. This brings serenity and joy! Thank you again very much for your loving energy and your great knowledge, it was very nice with you both!"




17.-19.6.2011 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" Part 1 in Seevetal


"Thank you again for the wonderful seminar, I am still overwhelmed."

"A few heartfelt words of thanks for the uniquely wonderful seminar!

I am filled with the heavenly energies of the weekend, which will remain that way for a long time to come, at least they are always available. What I especially like about you is that we can laugh so much. This makes work so easy and everything suddenly seems so easy, just the way as we should shape our lives. I still enjoy your understanding, selfless, harmonious cooperation - which comes to me extremely conscientiously, authentically, honest and true. I already felt this way at the one-day seminar. Thank you very much to you two lovely people. I'm grateful I got to know you."

4.6.2011 One-Day Seminar in Erkrath

"Thank you again very much for the wonderful seminar! You are simply top class!!!! Thank you for your repeatedly wonderful seminars, in one word, perfect!"

"Kind regards to the both of you, also on behalf of my friends, it was a wonderful day for us, you have given everything, and that we have received, "THANK YOU". There have already been quite some positive feedbacks. Regarding myself it went on the next day, I noticed an hourly work within my heart area and fell into silence and freedom, this is very rare with me, THANK YOU. In late autumn I would like to attend the intensive seminar."

"I am still very impressed with yesterday's one-day seminar in Erkrath. It touched me very deeply and made me realize that I am on the right path and encouraged me to stay on this path. Therefore, once again my deep thanks to you, your wife and all the Beings of Light. I'm really looking forward to the seminar in Neuhof."

"Thank you so much for the great seminar and the energy that flowed yesterday."

8.-10.4.2011 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" Part 1 in Schramberg

"I would like to thank you from my heart for the great seminar, the Spiritual Journeys, the conversations, the love within our hearts that I was able to experience in these days. I'm already looking forward to the second part of the seminar."

"I would like to thank you once again for your impressive seminar. When you led the journeys, I was always with you and immediately had the pictures."

"Thank you so much for a lovely weekend. It was truly indescribable."

“The seminar was absolutely wonderful.”

"The seminar was very pleasant and beautiful for me and I would not want to miss these days."

"I would like to thank you both once again for the shared time in Schramberg! It has been a profound experience that will change me and my life, thank you. Everything was and will be allowed to happen in deep love through the help of the High Beings."

"Thank you for a lovely weekend. Although we were not so much in conversation, the good energy was noticeable everywhere. Thanks again for that."

1.-3.4.2011 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" Part 2 in Parin

“Dear Inge, dear Uwe, I say thanks again in doing so for this great seminar in Parin. I only now realize how concentrated I was, this whole concentration falls off me now and relaxation and emotions did arise - also a little sadness that I couldn´t be that relaxed on the weekend...... but it is as it is. More healing is starting massively, beautifully. I would also like to give you a little feedback: I have felt a lot. For me this seminar was important because of the many practices. As you have already said, the knowledge is fully communicated, through everything that has already been absorbed through reading and other measures, now it depends on "doing" it, step by step. In my many journeys I had clear perceptions, whether visual, mental or emotional, which simply “bang” just occurred from nowhere". My trust has increased in what I perceive and what cannot be wrong. I am very grateful to you for this and I am glad that I was able to attend this seminar."

"Thank you very much for this wonderful seminar, for everything that has happened and what was allowed to be transformed. In gratitude and love I am still very moved and touched by the energies and what was experienced."

"What is so special about your seminars, I wonder when I return home, because they are so deeply and sustainably touching. This lively interaction of subtle journeys, exchange of experiences, valuable theoretical parts, this harmony between you and the participants, where nothing separates, gives us the opportunity to apply what we have learned in everyday life. Dear Uwe, dear Inge, thank you very much for everything you so lovingly and warmly convey to us, spare no effort to give us exactly that which may be valuable and usable for the individual according to his level of knowledge and experience. This is a great gift."

"What I took with me this weekend is still hard for me to put into words and is priceless. I have never experienced such a valuable seminar!!!!"

"I would also like to thank you once again for the wonderful seminar this weekend. It was very profound for me and I believe that it has a further positive influence on my development. As always, I felt this tingling in my whole body. I also think I have noticed the difference in frequency in the different dimensions. I wouldn't want to miss the experiences and togetherness of the last days."

“Dear Uwe, dear Inge, I hardly find words regarding that depth. For me, too, this was one of the most momentous and intensive seminars I have ever attended."

26.3.2011 One-Day Seminar in Seevetal (near Hamburg)

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful day yesterday. Your seminar was simply high class! Your shared, wonderfully complementary work deserves praise in every respect! I have very rarely experienced such an all-round coherent seminar, really. Once again very dear thanks to you both and the many Light Beings with their very touching energies. This wonderful peace that I felt within me cannot be described. You express your experiences and your extensive knowledge in a very sympathetic and natural way, I felt accepted and secure. The energies have changed noticeably. "

"Your seminar has had a great aftereffect. I'm still quite impressed. It was more than a seminar/experience or something similar. It is a very deep experience from the heart. And for that thank you very much."

"Once again, many thanks to the both of you for the great seminar!"

"I would like to thank you joyfully for the wonderful seminar. It was wonderful for me and I felt that this seminar was something very special. Everything we were allowed to experience and adopt was so precious. It's so exciting when you talk about your Spiritual Journeys. So, I am curious about your new book, and hope that it will be available soon. Dear ones, I thank you again for the beautiful seminar and would already register again, if again another seminar takes place in the North"

19.2.2011 One-Day Seminar in Aachen

"I learned a lot of interesting new things or refreshed my knowledge at the one-day seminar. It was a wonderful seminar and the High Light Beings were present. I was lucky enough to participate twice in a seminar with you, where the participants were already relatively advanced in their mental development and the result was gigantic. "I literally floated home and have been able to feed on these days for a long time."

"Before I move on to everyday life, I would like to inform you that a seminar like the one that took place yesterday cannot be put into words. You and your wife express what I've longed for all my life. I am very grateful to you and the High Light Beings. It was certainly not my last seminar with you."

"First of all, I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful seminar on Saturday and for the crystal you gave us. And thank you both for your wonderful work - you are a really great team!!!!! and I am looking forward to our next meeting on the seminar!!! !"

"A few days have already passed since I attended your seminar in Aachen and got to know you and your wife personally."

"I am still overwhelmed by the impressions I experienced there! It was also a pleasure to meet you and your wife. Her open and sympathetic manner immediately appealed to me :-) I think the seminar was unique. I will remember what I experienced for a long time to come. The energies I felt there deeply moved me ....and still do! I very much hope that it will continue to work in me for a long time and will bring about many positive changes. Thank you for this wonderful experience with you and the spiritual world!"

14.1. – 16.1.2011 Training-/ In-Depth Seminar "Spiritual Journey" Part 2 in Aachen

"I would like to summarize my impressions for the last seminar in Aachen in January 2011 and all your seminars I attended. I attend your seminars full of trust, know from my own experience that it is by no means enough for you to "follow through" your seminar program. I always recognize with great clarity with what high sense of responsibility, a commitment that is second to none, you and Inge, in wonderful collaboration with the angels of light, achieve optimal opportunities for each participant to grow and mature in your seminars led by the spiritual world. I was allowed to experience this wonderful ability intensively within myself in Aachen, to experience the fusion with the heart of light, to feel God, Christ, the angels of light. I thank You and Inge for everything that I could take home from this seminar into my daily life. I feel deeply touched and gifted by the Light Beings and by you who is the channel for these wonderful energies"

“THANK YOU again for EVERYTHING, you are a gift from heaven!!!!!"

"The seminar was great!"

"The seminar in Aachen with you was wonderful and I am still drawing on the energy. I felt so safe among the participants. Everything is love and you radiate it with every pore of your physical body. It's fantastic. And your wonderful wife, who supports you on all levels and rounds off the picture with her knowledge."

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