mensch familie

Human and Family

Everyone is integrated into a system of society and family. The first family members are the parents, who have a considerable influence on the development of the child. During the childhood and later life as an adult, a process of inner and outer development takes place for each individual person. However, it is precisely during pregnancy in the womb and in the first years of life that the subconscious influences and "programs" us through the family.


As a result, certain thought - and behaviour patterns are formed which then run unconsciously throughout life. Us human beings are integrated into a relationship environment within the family, such as previous generations, parents, siblings and other family members in which we can solve certain learning topics through projections on the outer world.


Through my spiritual journeys these programs and projections can be made conscious, so that through the work of the highest light beings the subconscious can be brought into a process of change. The consequence is that thought patterns and processes, evaluation patterns and behavioral patterns can change, and people thereby acquire a feeling of freedom and love, which naturally also includes their own value and love for themselves. Traumatic events from the past can also be decisively influenced by Spiritual Journeys, so that they no longer have a restrictive effect in the Here and Now. This also includes questions of relationship and partnership.

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