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Human and Healing

Albert Einstein once analogously expressed: "A problem cannot be solved with the same consciousness from which it did arise. This also applies to the field of healing. Each disease is associated to a corresponding awareness, without which the disease would not be able to develop. Often are the unconscious things, also inner resistance and fears partly from childhood, that manifest themselves physically through an illness. The sick person experiences himself separated from the divine being and sees himself only on the physical level and no longer as a spiritual being who is here on earth to make physical experiences.


During my Spiritual Journey, I am acting as a mediator and channel and create a bridge between the sick person and the universal energy of God in order for the vibrations of the body, the soul and the spirit may again come into an all-embracing harmony and into a comprehensive harmony if the person can allow it.


The Spiritual Journey in connection with the highest light beings creates a field of light in the human being, so that illness and health may reach balance again.

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