Company and Success

I can count companies and large enterprises to my customers. The beings of light once told me: "A company is like an organism in which all cells should work together in a loving way and from the heart to make it successful as a unit for the benefit of all involved".


During my Spiritual Journeys I see a company as an organism, a soulful being that wants to fulfil its purpose of existence. Usually, companies have entrepreneurial aspects that aim to be successful with products and services in the sense of a profit maximization process.


Very often, certain cells in the company become detached from the actual goal, mostly when excessive demands take hold of them and a feeling of separation between the company management and the employees occurs. It is then no longer about the people in the company, but purely about the functionality of the human workforce.


In addition, it is important to put the right employee in the right place, and this requires a great deal of knowledge about each individual employee. If this is not the case, then internal tendencies of dismissal arise in a company.


It is about the creation of unity in the organism called company, which not only includes a cooperative-integrative management style, but also the vibrations of a "good spirit" being established in the company community.


The highest light beings create energetic transformations in companies, which can lead to positive changes, which are then reflected within the company results and ensure that the right employees are in the right place.


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