Home and Property

Houses and property are places that can also absorb vibrations. There are many disturbing factors that a property can have: Grids, earth faults, water veins, pollution via e-smog and mobile phone masts.


But the vibrations of people living in a house are also recorded so to speak and stored in the "four walls" as well as on the properties. In addition, especially in the case of old houses and properties, there are the vibrations of the previous owners, their life themes often outlast.


The Spiritual Journey can cause a so-called clearing, a subtle cleaning of houses and properties. This can be important if people no longer feel comfortable in a house or an apartment. Especially with an intention to buy or sell a house or property, a Spiritual Journey can become rather important. In many cases where homeowners had tried in vain to sell houses and properties, this was made possible shortly after the spiritual journeys.

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