Ancestor Healing


Our natural roots start with our ancestors. Energetically and in genetic codes (duo to epigenetics) the destinies of the ancestors can continue to effect ourselves.


This means that us humans are often unconsciously involved in traumatic experiences, heavy emotional or physical stress, perhaps sometimes in the failure of love relationships, working relationships or even accidents of our ancestors!


This can mean that certain triggers or time qualities in our current lives bringing recurring patterns to the surface.


The results of this can be, for example, symptoms of an illness or certain dramatic events in life that happen unexpectedly and suddenly. It is as if an old topic had been in a time capsule, waiting for the appropriate time and for its use.


These ancestor energies can affect many topics which can have a great impact. The theme of the ancestors can often not be remembered, but unconsciously not be forgotten. Many generations later, no one knows about a taboo topic or family secret.


This can lead to the fact, that we incline to adapt to the sufferings of our ancestors out of an unconscious urge. Epigenetics is breaking new ground. These are times of famine, wars, painful losses, which can reactivate the difficult events and experiences of the ancestors in our present life by means of epigenetics.


Since many things in the current global climate recur and change, these ancestor topics can come back to us very strongly. This makes the topic very current. It is about salvation and healing, about the transformation of ancestral themes.


A feeling that we carry around with us from the ancestral context is not consciously perceived, nor is it concretely accessible, but we feel it energetically.


This leads to indefinable sadness, loss and abandonment fears, depression and much more. These topics can often be solved in the Here and Now, even on behalf of our ancestors. The ancestors were too entangled in the existential themes of that time.


With our time interval. we are no longer directly involved, so we are now able to resolve and solve the underlying topic more easily. These are issues that are blocked and not yet at peace. The temporal consideration of ancestor healing does not only go back to the level of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, it can even go back hundreds or thousands of years.


Via the energetic work through the spiritual journeys I would like to help you to experience liberation and simultaneous strengthening through the ancestors by taking you through his special spiritual journey.


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